January 2019


How Top-Performing Sales Managers
Crush their Quotas


How do exceptional sales managers consistently exceed their targets? Listen as Vantage Point partner Michelle Vazzana as she discusses the newly revealed secrets of rock star sales managers. Through the groundbreaking research in her new book, Crushing Quota, Michelle will demonstrate:

  • How to create clarity of task 
  • How to identify the most important sales activities
  • The elements of effective sales coaching 
  • How the most successful managers structure their coaching conversations to drive consistent and effective execution
  • Coaching program common pitfalls and how to avoid them

Leave this webinar with a clearer understanding of sales coaching, as well as guidelines to determine why, what, how, when, and where to coach for maximum impact. The insights from this research provide the most practical guidance ever for managers that want to increase the effectiveness of their coaching.