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Friday, November 17, 1:00-2:00 p.m. EST

If you’re like most sales forces, you’ve invested heavily in a sales methodology to keep your sales team focused.  The Challenger, SPIN Selling, TAS, Solution Selling, or even an internally developed methodology… They all launch with a bang.  But new research by Florida State University professor Leff Bonney shows that 51% of sales leaders are ultimately disappointed with the results.  So what gives?

Join Dr. Bonney and Vantage Point’s Michelle Vazzana as they discuss this research and explain why sales methodologies often fail to meet expectations.  The findings will challenge your thinking about sales methodologies and shed new light on sales force enablement.  Also hear the innovative approach to sales training that has helped sales forces:

  • Enable their sellers to identify the most common selling challenges
  • Adjust their sales methodology to fit their buyers’ needs
  • Eliminate the frustration of rigid methodologies that fail as often as they succeed
  • Drive process adoption through highly relevant training
  • Win deals that are lost due to misaligned sales strategies

Learn how to improve your own sales strategies and finally come to love your sales methodology!