How to Build an Agile Sales Force:

Start with Situational Awareness 


In our most recent webinar, Vantage Point made the case that companies should abandon the myth that there is one Leff Bonney Thumbnail.jpg‘best’ way to sell.  Salespeople and their managers need to think more like world-class athletes and coaches who know that you need to prepare for different opponents differently. 

The research is irrefutable: The best salespeople are geniuses at identifying unique buying situations and adjusting their approach accordingly. In other words, they demonstrate sales agility.

In this next installment, we’ll go deeper into the practices of the most agile salespeople. This webinar will focus on the first key component of sales agility – Situational Awareness. Specifically, we will discuss:

  • What (really) is situational awareness, and what role does it play in agility?
  • What does situational awareness look like in today’s sales forces, and how does it impact salesperson performance?
  • What are the likely hurdles to building and sustaining situational awareness in your sales team?
  • What best practices exist that you can implement to increase situational awareness across the entire sales force?

This webinar will again be led by Leff Bonney (MBA, PhD), Director of Research and Corporate Engagement at Florida State University’s Sales Institute. Dr. Bonney has spent several years researching the concept of situational awareness in the military, sports, and emergency medicine, as well as world-class sales organizations. Don’t miss this exciting and invaluable look at the key success factor that’s probably missing in your sales force.