CRM and Sales Metrics:

How to Make Sense of the MESS



CRM has been both a blessing and a curse to sales management.  It has provided tremendous visibility to the inner workings of our sales forces… That’s been good.  But it’s also created enormous confusion and endless distractions… That’s been bad.  So how do we make sense of CRM and the sea of data that it creates?  How do we turn it into the powerful management and coaching tool it was intended to be?

Join Jason Jordan as he discusses the foundational research in his best-selling book Cracking the Sales Management Code. Learn the common-sense insights and counter-intuitive conclusions that reveal:

  • The most common CRM traps we all fall into
  • The few sales metrics that matter most
  • The many metrics that matter the least
  • The secret to becoming a better coach
  • The strategies that drive greater CRM adoption
  • The unexpectedly simple way to motivate salespeople
  • The most direct path to growing revenue

You will leave this webinar with a better perspective on CRM and the role of data in driving consistently excellent sales performance.